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What We Do

At Elder Law Solutions, the only law we focus on is elder law and special needs planning. This allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive guidance in the following fields:


Estate planning considers how best to help ourselves while we are alive, and arranges for what we leave behind to be properly taken care of according to our wishes.


Care Planning

There are a number of planning options available to spouses of nursing home residents to protect their financial well-being. This type of planning is appropriate for the family who is concerned about nursing home costs, but will likely not need such care in the next 5 years.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Guardianship and conservatorship are legal relationships whereby the Probate Court gives the guardian or conservator the authority to make healthcare decisions or financial decisions for the protected person, respectively.

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate is the process by which someone’s Last Will and Testament makes its way through the Probate Court so that the assets of the person who died will be distributed to the individuals he or she wanted to benefit.

Medicaid Eligibility & Application Assistance

Applying for Medicaid is cumbersome and tedious. If the applicant does not comply with requests and deadlines on a timely basis, the Division of Medical Assistance will deny the application. Consulting an elder law attorney can save you thousands of dollars and needless headache.

Special Needs & Disability Planning

Special needs planning is a crucial part of caring for a disabled child or family member. Supplemental needs trusts can ensure money will be available for their benefit without interfering with eligibility for Medicaid or other benefit programs.

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