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If you don’t plan your estate, the state will plan it for you!

Elder Law Solutions provides a wide range of legal and support services tailored especially for older or disabled clients and their families and guardians. We take a holistic approach to finding a solution that incorporates all of the circumstances of life, family and community.

We help you to plan ahead to find the peace of mind you seek. We evaluate the long-term care needs of our clients according to their wishes and goals, explore the available options, and provide a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s situation.

Introduction to Elder Law Solutions

Meet Margot - the face behind Elder Law Solutions.  Our firm takes a holistic approach to our clients’ problems – not just concentrating on the legal requirements, but assisting at every step of the way in order to ease the decision making process based on knowledge and an understanding of the available options.

What Our Clients Say


Everything was explained concisely and to our satisfaction. But what made the experience better was the non-formal atmosphere of the office. Made us feel at ease, and humor was abundant. Helped make a serious matter go better than expected.


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